New Chapter, Old Habit, A Rekindle

During my high school time, I used to write Yahoo!360 blog on a weekly or even daily period. I wrote extensively, from daily chat, task to books, ideas, future plans. Initially, it was meant to improve my writing skill and hopefully, to help me to express myself more eloquently. However, my Vietnamese literature score still sucked (I was nearly denied from applying to NUS because of low Vietnamese literature score) but on the other side, it became my habit or my own little treasure, my diary. During the write-up, my thought became clearer, my idea was sharpened and my mind was at ease. It helped to me overcame numerous challenges I faced at that important crossroad during University applications and overcame the depressing feeling each time I received a rejection from my dream school.

After coming to NUS, I tried to continue that habit for a while until that fateful day when Yahoo! announced to discontinue Yahoo!360 (shame on you Yahoo!). Since then, multiple attempts to continue writing blogs failed. Let’s see, I have tried WordPress (yes this one), Medium, Blogspot, etc. All failed. It seems to occur that my passion for writing has gone despite numerous attempts to re-kindle it. Until now, 9 years after my last posts, I am standing at the new crossroad and new chapter of life in pursuing an MBA in the new country. It is a leap of faith, similar to what I have done 10 years ago at NUS. Hence, I guess it is a good time to start that old habit again, once more time. Hopefully, this time will last and yes, WordPress, please do not shut down!!!!

Therefore, I make a promise to myself now, one post per week, publishing on Wednesday. The topic can be everything I would like to write. This is my blog anyway 🙂

That’s it, new chapter, old habit.




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